it is diabolical as there is no reason for the ANC to hate the Jews - Jews were their allies throughout their struggle.
this is niaive and senseless and has no basis for a cause

This man and his government think that our taxes is there's for their own personal use

Zuma is a disgrace to South Africa, irrespective of which race and creed we belong to. He does not give me any reason to TRUST him, to BELIEVE him, to HONOR him, to RESPECT him, to LIKE him.

This campaign matters because we are a democratic country! We have the right to be lead by a president that values his people , who allocates the tax payers money to the good of the country and uplift it. Not for his personal gain. Zuma has commuted an in justic to you , me and every person in…Read More

The ANC swapped a man of integrity and humility (Mbeki) for a man on charges of rape and corruption (Zuma) to be the president of this country. It shows just how corrupt the ANC are for power and money. Zuma then used his new power to get rid of both charges by bribing the courts that he would…Read More

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