The ANC swapped a man of integrity and humility (Mbeki) for a man on charges of rape and corruption (Zuma) to be the president of this country. It shows just how corrupt the ANC are for power and money. Zuma then used his new power to get rid of both charges by bribing the courts that he would…Read More

We need a president we can be proud of. Not one who is continually in the news for dishonesty .... and always gets off with it because of his crooked party. With all this money going into his own pocket he could have built houses for his own people living in squalor. Also all these wives, I feel…Read More

He puts the blame for he's bad leadership on people that trusted him...he's a bad person,....he must be removed as president without any delay,,,,,Gwedy Mantache and Cyril Ramaphosa should accompany him. Ramaphosa were seen as a potential leader....unfortuanatly he's a member of the ANc.....what a…Read More

Rajiv Ishwar
Rajiv Ishwar Campaign leader

Zuma's ministers protect him at all costs while the poor in South Africa starve.

Remove Jacob Zuma as South African President

We had enough of corruption ...we need somebody that care about others!