Rajiv Ishwar
Rajiv Ishwar Campaign leader

Please sign this petition. It is self explanatory.

Welcome to the "Demand For Free Independent BOER State(s)" !!! Washington Marching Against the Genocide of Whites(Boers) in South Africa where over 80.000 of them were already massacred(not just killed, but often cooked/burned alive) !!!


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Des Kiely

A fish rots from the head down, and as the leader of this amazing country with its wonderful people, he is responsible for the ever increasing rot that is settling into almost ever facet of our lives. Get rid of this piece of crap, and lets start re-building this country on the eithics pride and …Read More

Jacob Zuma represents everything that the original ANC stood for, and now he represents an Unconstitional Government #zumamustfall #UnconstitionalGovernment ...

Nothing more to explain

Remove Jacob Zuma as South African President
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