Jacob Zuma is not fit to be the president of this once great
country He has disgraced the memory of former ANC leaders, who sacrificed so much for a democratic South Africa, and has brought dispute to the country & the ruling party repeatedly.

 Scandals include inter-alia

1.     His dubious relationship with the Gupta family that allows them to loot the countries coffers via downright illegal means, such as the recently announced unapproved partnership with Denel, the granting of huge government tenders to Gupta and Zuma owned companies. Zuma’s son is a shareholder and director of Gupta created companies. The recent revelations by various people that The Guptas offered them ministerial roles or pressurised them into makig decisions to benefit that family. He then has the audacity to say that he does not remember Vytjie Mentor.

2.     The courts ruled that Schabir Shaik had a generally corrupt relationship with Zuma. Now, it takes two to tango, yet Zuma has gotten away scot free in that instance while Shaik was incarcerated for a short period. Schabir Shaik was released from jail under pretence of very severe health issues, but appears to enjoy a full and healthy life. Was he released due to political interference because he would spill the beans on Zuma and his cronies if he remained incarcerated? It would appear so. This debacle has made a mockery of the justice system. A politically connected person such as Schabir Shaik gets away with his crimes while petty criminals have the book thrown at them.

3.     Rape charges, that were admittedly dropped, yet the complainant appears to have disappeared under duress.

4.     Zuma’s meddling in the NPA and the appointment of ANC and Zuma friendly senior staff.

5.     Advocating polygamy in a poverty ridden society, that should focus on small families and the betterment of those small nuclear family members, via education, better nutrition and proper parental guidance. His polygamy is a further drain on the already over stretched tax payer as his wives cost the country approximately R15m per annum. That is approximately 5 times his salary as president.

6.     Zuma’s salary, allowances, cost of 4 wives, the spend on Nkandla, etc., etc. makes him the highest paid president in the world. The value we derive from him as “leader” is abysmal or non-existent.

7.     The fathering of children from women who are not his wives.

8.     Breaking the trust of a close friend by engaging in sexual intercourse with his daughter, young enough to be Zuma's grandchild.

9.     The arms deal scandal, which has been ongoing for more than a decade and the subsequent withholding of those tapes despite a court order.

10.  The debacle around Nkandla:

·         The findings in the public protector’s final report compels him to pay back money spent on-security features. He has publicly denied both responsibility and accountability for this fraudulent spend. He has tried to subvert the Public Protectors authority, and in that process contravened provisions of the Constitution. That is totally unbefitting for a president. He is after all, meant to be the no. 1 protector of all things South African, which should include, taxpayer’s money and public funds, demonstrating honesty, integrity, appropriate leadership and dealing with issues quickly and succinctly.

·         Inappropriate & inflated spend and the subsequent farcical defence of that by Government ministers e.g. swimming pool being called a "fire pool", building of a tuck shop, cattle kraal and chicken coup, etc., etc. with tax-payers money.

·         Engaging his private architect on the project without proper security clearance and then allowing his ministers to vociferously defend the upgrades based on the need for security measures. This is a very hypocritical stance.

·         Lying to parliament & the country that he had no knowledge of the upgrade costs, yet he visits the development regularly and must have noticed the upgrades. Surely a man in his position should have summoned his ministers to explain where the money came from. In fact, he should have stopped the spending of public funds on his home before the upgrades even commenced. If he does not know what happen at his house, how can he even know what occurs in government and the country?

·         His recent admission to the Constitutional Court, via his attorneys that he, should have obeyed the Public Protectors report and is now willing to “pay back the money”.

·         Zuma has dragged this issue for years at the expense of taxpayers. He has repeated lied to the nation and the world and displayed a total lack of integrity on this matter.

Furthermore, he has let parliament become a circus of note without showing any leadership with any conviction. The recent raucous behaviour in parliament by MPs are directly contributable to his theft of taxpayer’s money for use on his private home.

He repeatedly sings outdated struggle songs that have no relevance in uniting all people in South Africa. All those songs such as Umshini Wam do, is create further divide, uncertainly and racial tension.

The recent removal of Nhlanhla Nene in favour of unknown backbencher Des Van Rooyen as minister of finance caused havoc on the equity and forex markets. On the night of 9 December, when Zuma took that misguided decision, the Rand plummeted 25% against the US Dollar in a few minutes. The JSE lost billions in a few days as investor confidence in SA plummeted. Under duress from various parties, he redeployed van Rooyen to the ministry of local government and reappointed Pravin Gordhan to the position of finance minister that Sunday, 4 days later. On 22 February 2016, Zuma continued to defend his appointment of van Rooyen stating that he, van Rooyen, is the most qualified minister he has ever appointed. What utter rubbish. All signs are that the van Rooyen’s appointment was influenced by the Guptas and since when did Zuma care about qualifications, having not improved his standard 3 “qualification”, despite other struggle stalwarts having studied in prison and beyond?

During his presidency, Zuma has spent so much valuable time defending himself against the nation and the courts such that it can be said to have impacted the running of the country negatively. A man who spends so much time of his own personal defence can surely not do justice to that role.

In summary Jacob Zuma has been an abominable president. His legacy will be tainted by scandal and nothing of real substance. South Africans should act collectively to remove this stain on our nation.

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