While I understand that euthanasia is a cruel reality in some cases, I don't understand why Belmont County Animal Rescue League in Ohio constantly "kills" our beautiful and highly adoptable animals. Many of these dogs had Credited Rescues denied and/or neglected adoptions that were ignored, not followed through, their calls were not answered and many times mistreated. Instead, to their horror, they were told that their would-be pet they fell in love with was put to "sleep". Why??? Again, and again our beloved animals are being slaughtered unnecessarily and with TOTAL IMPUNITY by the staffer in charge who is paid to protect and to keep our animals safe while they find a home, NOT to be their "judge" and "executioner"! Good hearted volunteers, have to return to walk the shelter dogs and drop off donations, only to find out that some that were sweet, friendly, playfull and full of life (had just learned new tricks).... had been "euthanized" (and I use the term loosely). As tears of powerlessness flow down their faces...they ask themselves, why? There was no imminent need and some had been denied rescues...others denied rescue and adoptions.....why??? ACT of Ohio, in particular, Steffen Baldwin, gave his heart and soul as a mediator and drove many miles in the snow to this shelter to restructure better methods, generate ethical policy and procedures for our animal, sadly, to no avail. killings of adoptable dogs are still taking places. It took Cindi Yanez having to beg the Commissioner to look into a dog with an opened gash on it's leg, chained and standing in muddy snow for days. Forced by the Commissioner's intervention…it took two days to take this poor dog to the vet. Hasn't been seen since?? Cindi Yanez gave another radio interview making a plea for our animals and to try to give them a voice. I consider Cindi Yanez to be a dog's best friend….whether lobbying in Washington, standing in front of the Belmont Commissioner's meeting, you will find her fighting to keep our dogs alive along with other brave volunteers who dare to stand aganst the "status quo". You will find Cindi and many other volunteers driving for hours one way, transporting our beloved animals to caring homes...racing against time before they're "euthanized". Why is this abuse "a constant" in Belmont County Animal Rescue League in Ohio, The question remains: WHY ARE CREDITED RESCUERS AND POTENTIAL ADOPTERS IN GOOD STANDING, GOING THROUGH ALL PROPER PROCEDURES, GIVEN HOPE...ONLY TO BE TOLD THEY'VE BEEN "PUT TO SLEEP"????? WHY IS PETFINDER'S PAGE BEING NEGLECTED. MINIMAL, IF ANY, INFO APPEARS ON THE FEW THAT ARE POSTED. SOME PICS APPEAR ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT IN THE SHELTER ANYMORE??? WHY ARE CARING PEOPLE THAT OFFER THEIR HELP TO UPDATE PETFINDER'S PAGE BEING DENIED TO HELP? WHY??? Is our silence colluding with this abuse…..and I clearly define "killing" our animals while having rescues, and adopters wanting them.....as the "HIGHEST" form of abuse. OUR BRAVE VOLUNTEERS CAN'T DO IT ALONE!! Will you stand up for our animals and sign this petition for change of management or will it be less uncomfortable to have it remain "as is" entrenched in "its always been done that way" mentality while our animals are killed? It's your call. If you love our animals…..and you want to participate in saving lives…..please sign.

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