F.A.O. Financial Conduct Authority of GB

Dear Sirs/Madams.

I wish to draw your attention to your objective of implementing, supervising and enforcing EU and international standards and regulations in the UK  as stated here, http://www.fca.org.uk/firms/markets/international-markets .

As a British born person of Ukrainian and Irish decent  I am concerned about developments in Ukraine  and am  asking you to ensure that measures set out below that are already practically and legally enforceable are implemented by those  financial institutions you monitor. They would of course  apply directly to the monitoring of any  banking and business  activity connected to the oligarchs in control of the government currently responsible for violent repressions of the pro-democracy movement in Ukraine.  This is not just an opinion, but a fact acknowledged by numerous representatives of European Governments and NGO’s  in their open condemnations of the Ukrainian governments repression of pro- democracy demonstrations there.

I would be grateful if you could please watch this  video and read its transcript below.



All Ukrainian top politicians finance their luxurious life to some degree or other from European companies and banks.

As you will know, European legislation contains a concept called PEP,
Politically Exposed Person. Take the Presidents son, Oleksandr Yanukovych for instance. He's a junior PEP. Premier Azarov, an elderly PEP. NSC Secretary Andriy Kluyev and his brother Serhiy,  two PEPs.  Ukraine's entire Cabinet of Ministers, all PEPs.  The Supreme Council   (Verkhovna Rada)?  Nothing but PEPs,  and then there's the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, the ultimate PEP.

Banks are supposed to figure out whether a client is a PEP or not  i.e. someone who is politically engaged.  That term would apply to all the heads of Ministries, members of the Ukrainian Government  (Verkhovna Rada), judges of higher courts—and, of course, their close relatives: sons, brothers, wives...and business partners.

First of all, a bank that has determined that their client is a PEP is
obligated to then determine the source of the money that the client is placing in that bank. If any suspicions are raised at the bank about the legitimacy of the source of this money, the bank is supposed to refuse to work with that client.

Secondly, the bank should report on suspicious activities, called a Suspicious Activities Report, to the country's financial oversight agency.

Ukraine's officials basically don't earn much money that isn't suspicious. If
the son of the president, Oleksandr Yanukovych has seen his wealth increase by 7,280% in the three years since his father took office, that's suspect. If his father suddenly lives in luxury on 136 hectares of prime real estate, that's also suspect.

There are plenty of reasons to look into those European companies to which money is transferred from Ukraine and from which presidential luxuries are later paid.

To do this you have to prove that, in order to own Mezhyhiria, Sukholuchchia and other such estates, Yanukovych used a foreign agent to launder his money.

Luckily, such a foreign agent exists. His name is Reinhard Proksch. He's a
lawyer, a resident of the US and the director of several European firms that have direct links to some of Ukraine's main “oligarchs” : Yanukovych, the Kluyev brothers, and the Azarov family.

Mezhyhiria, Sukholuchchia, the helicopters, the jets—they're all connected to a single individual abroad.

Reinhard  Proksch in fact stands at the pinnacle of all the assets linked to Yanukovych, Azarov and the Kluyevs...and brings the entire web together. How? Reinhard Proksch runs three companies:
P&A Corporation, Blythe Europe and Astute Partners.

Freezing the accounts of the companies controlled by Proksch will lead to a chain reaction, because we're not talking just about the companies directly in this corrupt network.  A freeze will also hit those companies to whom money was being transferred, so poor Viktor Yanukovych might not be able to buy his next crystal chandeliers, and Party of the Regions faithful Kluyev and Azarov won't be able to pay the utility bills
on their Austrian estates.

We propose that EU countries, EU politicians and US politicians make use of those instruments that are already in place.  All they need to do is to
uphold their own laws that forbid their banks to do business with corrupt

With just a little bit of political will, Europe can easily make this winter
the coldest one yet for Ukraine's criminal dictatorship—no matter what Russia has promised, and give Ukraine’s peaceful demonstrators the moral support they need to ensure democracy  finally wins in
Ukraine which would be for the benefit of all of Europe.

Added to the above,  in  the below  link you will read some interesting allegations:


“………Yanukovych’s two main backers have been the country’s richest businessmen: Rinat Akhmetov, the metals magnate and owner of the Shakhtar Donetsk football club, and billionaire energy broker, Dmitry Firtash.

Akhmetov’s System Capital Management JSC has offices in London, and  is a partner of the Swiss-based World Economic Forum. It has used the services of, or attracted financing from, Germany’s Deutsche Bank AG, the U.K.’s Royal Bank of Scotland Plc and Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank International AG. Firtash has made generous donations to the University of Cambridge. This year Firtash started financing the Days of Ukraine festival in the U.K., held at prestigious sites in London, such as the Saatchi Gallery………”

Please  confirm that  you are doing everything to ensure  that the above measures are being brought into practice in light of the current repressions by the dictatorship in Ukraine which has banking interests in Europe.  It  has been directly responsible for violence against Ukraine’s  pro-democracy peaceful demonstrators  on November 30th,  again on  January 11th, and on  numerous occasions between these dates since the pro-democracy  demonstrations in Ukraine began at the end of November  last year. Demonstrations started  as a result of Ukraine’s  president suddenly turning his back on an EU association talks  in Vilnius, in favour of dragging Ukraine back into Russia’s dictatorial sphere of influence without consulting his electorate. Now Putin's fascist regime has occupied Crimea, sovereign territory of Ukraine.

Yours Sincerely

Stepan Pasicznyk

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