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An Urgent Appeal to the Honble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji from an 86+ yrs old Octogenarian GoI family pensioner - Save her only dwelling from collapsing before its too late The Gist of the Story so far: An irresponsible neighbor owner of Plot No. E-19 Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi - 110 024 under the veil of "sanction plan from MCD" that clearly says “UNEXCAVATED EARTH on all THREE Sides of the basement – yet all three sides fully excavated” broke the foundation of an 87+ year old Octogenarian widow’s (a GoI family pensioner) house by violating the 2m setback portion to such an extent that the soil moved under the foundation and created structural cracks in her newly painted house structure since last February 28, 2013. She is solely dependent on her sole care-taker. Wherever her care-taker, her unmarried daughter goes. She has to take her along with her on a wheel chair. 01. The Octogenarian reported the matter to the MCD building Department vide complaint’s 751 on 30 May'13 at 5:30 PM. The SDMC led by Assistant Engineer Naresh Yadav JE Praveen Kumar did a joint inspection of the plot noted "2 m violation by Owner". She raised her voice to Dy Commissioner SDMC vide 07 Jun' 13 letter, right up to the MCD Commissioner personally on 18 Jun 2013. They didn’t pay any heed. 02. She reported the matter to the SHO Lajpat Nagar Police Station, right up to the ACP last on 18 Jun 2013. They turned a deaf ear to her pleas. 03. She was guided by lawyers to file a Writ Petition in the HC under Art 226 of the Constitution of India. The High Court despite clear evidence against the Neighbor and MCD of violation, forced her sole care-taker, her daughter (who was neither the party to the writ petition nor related to the case, to quash her FIR us 354(C)/509/34 IPC against the unscrupulous neighbor and his son who for 06 months took her pictures, blackmailed and threatened to deface her by making MMS and defame her, dragged her into the writ petition) to settle the matter despite clear evidence of sheer violation of the 2 meter Bylaw rule, with a direction to the Engineering Council of India to Appoint a Structural Engineer within 07 days of receiving the HC Order, who shall start the task of repair immediately (but not later than 05 days from his date of appointment) and lead the repair work project of the Petitioner's house for and on her behalf; esp. the foundation and give the petitioner a sound and stability certificate of the structure of her building in a time bound manner, while vacating the stay order of the Pvt. Respondents. 04. The Engineering Council of India (ECI) was drawn out a workflow by the HC to appoint a Structural Engineer within 07 days of receiving the HC Order, along with clear directions to the Independent Structural Engineer to commence his task immediately and in any case not later than 05 days of his appointment. (However, despite receiving the HC order on 28.02.14, the ECI Chairman appointed the Structural Engineer vide its letter 14.03.14, who further came to only introduce himself to the Octogenarian Petitioner at the end of his 05th day time-line, on 19th March 2014) 05. The Appointed Structural Engineer, Mr Chander Mohan Sardana (F-023) Fellow Member of the Indian Association of Structural Engineers (IAStructE) who was further clearly directed to commence his task immediately (not later than 05 days of his appointment), came in to introduce himself to the octogenarian petitioner only at the end of his 05th day time-line on 19.03.14) further directing him to not only get the petitioner's house repaired to her satisfaction in a time-bound framework, but also issue a "Sound Stability Certificate" after repairing the damaged foundation, under his nose. (Despite such clear directions, the Structural Engineer issued a Work Order to the Respondent 41 days late on 20-04-14) 06. When the Octogenarian petitioner brought this to the notice of the Structural Engineers Appointing Authority, the ECI Chairman, Dr Uddesh Kohli vide a legal notice of contempt’s of courts on 09.04.14 and a reminder vide email dated 25 Apr, 23 May, and 06 June 2014; their Director, Mr. PN Shali now after 103 days wrote back stating that they have complied with the HC Order and done their role and if the petitioner had any issues, she should again go back to court to get fresh orders for the ECI to proceed/to further the work, as they have no jurisdiction to monitor the Appointed StructE’s work nor change him? 07. She approached the Local MLA-AAP, the BJP Councilor-Ms. Shikha Rai, and The BJP elected MP from New Delhi-Ms Meenakshi Lekhi, the Dy Commissioner MCD-Mr Pathak and the Executive Engineer SDMC-Mr Akhil Ahmed. They too turned a deaf-ear to her pleas. 08. 150 Days later, the illegal construction is constructing in full-swing while the octogenarians damaged house still waits anxiously for the foundation and her buildings internal cracks repair that are now leaking whenever it rains heavily, along with a certificate of sound and stability from the appointed Structural Engineer who is now absconding. All she wants to know is how will the HC Order be complied without sending the 86+ yrs old octogenarian petitioner (a GoI family pensioner with a meager monthly pension of Rupees 8046 only) back to court after suffering for almost a year for the negligence of an irresponsible neighbor in his quest for greed in collusion with the SDMC Building Department? And how long will she have to wait to see the certification of the "stability of the soundness of her building structure" handed over to her? She’s already 87+ years old now detected with an aggressive Zap(70) CLL (Chronoic Lympho Leukemia) condition; will she get the “Sound & Stability” of her building structure certificate in her life-time? "After the North Delhi 4-storey house collapse due to similar reasons and damages, she's more anxious for the sound & stability certification of her house than anything else. Despite all her pain, she's hopeful that the PMO will depute a TASK-FORCE to penalize the neighbor for breaking the rule of law for not only endangering her dwelling and the inhabitant’s life, but also violating the 2-m building bylaw that has hurt the ex-chequer of its due penalty. Join us in our Fight to the Finish. Please Sign and Pledge with me today: "With so many buildings collapsing almost every day, its time the GoI took the Municipal Corp and the Structural Engineer Bulls by its horns. It’s not just your or my house, its time we pushed the GoI to rout out the root cause of all these uncalled for man-made tragedies of deceit & greed - The Structural Engineer” Thank you!

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With your help and blessings, we will be enlighten about the Human Rights, Health, Education, Yoga, Morality, Ethics, Spirituality, Women's Rights, Women Empowerment, Non- Violence, Self Care, Facts of life, Reality of life, Success in life, Teachings of great personalities, Spiritual Elevation, Purity, Real Happiness, Bliss, Love, Perfection and many others to compaign for Truth.

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The basic problem of modern persons is deceit and violence. Gandhiji fought war of independence through truth and non-violence. I'm campaigning for no-violence and my friend Himanshu Gandhi is campaigning for truth. We are doing two parts of the same thing. You can help us both by joining this campaign and Universal Non-violence organization. Your pledge will encourage us.

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