Make an honest reflection on own thoughts, words and actions... to modulate them for a better self... and making of a better society and strengthening bond of humanity.


Davos, Switzerland will yet again be hosting global leaders from all walks of life, under the aegis of 'The World Economic Forum' in late January... "to encourage businesses, governments and civil society to commit together to improving the state of the world”. Its claim to fame is a non-partisan platform for independent inquiry and thought leadership to wrestle with wide swath of critical world challenges from innovation, to economies, to education, to peace, to hunger.

This year it lists broad array of significant "Issues" which are all important, but misses out yet again on mention of the big elephant in the room... deceit. There is no deficit of greater import than that of virtues... and no pandemic of greater threat to human kind than that of deceit. Thread of virtues ties humanity together and to make our bonds stronger we have to rope in stronger virtues.

When will deceit be a hot button issue at Davos? Will it ever be?

Not until all of the crowd pullers gathered at the event... or those who are able to make room for themselves with a fat membership and admissions fee of over USD 75K... have their collars clean; as dirty animals will never raise an eyebrow against playing in the dirt.

Campaign for truth starts here... now... with a warm invite to all those who have distanced themselves from deceit... or have taken unto themselves a solemn pledge to displace deceit out of their being. Truthfulness is one single domino... that once it falls into place all other dominoes of righteous conduct follow through in tandem. We all may have, or have had, some… "ignorance", "excuse", "limitation" or "circumstance beyond our control"... to give into flair of deceit, or not mount enough resistance to it. Can we all join hands to call deceit out... from within us… or without... and put forth deliberate efforts to get our collars clean... or keep them so? 

Kindly join the campaign for truth in self by taking a solemn pledge (click on "Pledge" button above) to call deceit out & make deliberate efforts to become consistently truthful, or remain so. And, when you have done so, kindly enjoin everyone in your circle of influence to do the same. Any and every humble effort of ours towards self reform will energize those in our circle of influence to do the same, and will in turn give humanity a huge impetus to sustain its struggle for survival... a bit longer.

Unless we care to side with truth for our own self, we loose our right to point out any of the million fallacies everywhere else, or claim to solve any of those problems... anywhere... from local school, to hospital, to place of faith, to local or national government. 

Only way we can mount effective resistance to the scourge and pandemic of deceit… is to make deliberate efforts to become consistently truthful… and band together with virtuous wherever & whenever possible… to raise the pitch of our voice of reason. Your participation will change the equation... for each one supports another. Kindly join in. Let us all do our bit.


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