In modern culture and in many countries, women are seen as nothing more than objects -- whether we accept this or not -- thanks to "rape culture" and deindividuation. It has become ever-more popular in the twenty-first century to mock a woman's gender with kitchen and sandwich references despite sexual equality rights. It's not funny. In lament's terms: if a woman isn't pretty and subordinate, they are nothing. This objectification has lead to many womens' mental and physical health issues and it unfortunately also includes the human breast. 

The absolute main reason for a woman to have breasts is to feed children. The reason you are alive today is because of breastfeeding -- your ancestors did it; your grandmother likely did too. So why is breastfeeding in public taboo among both men and women? Why does it turn heads at all and even cause disgust? Why should a breastfeeding mother have to nurse her child in a private, secluded area or risk being escorted out of the premises? Many women have to resort to breastfeeding their child in a public toilet stall, which increases the likelihood of illnesses being passed to the breastfeeding child as a result of poor public toilet sanitation. When you flush a toilet, the water, urine, faeces and bacteria is sprayed around the stall or bathroom -- do you consider this a healthy environment for a child to nurse?

Nudity is illegal, breastfeeding is not nudity nor is it illegal -- do not get the two confused with one another. One breast is partially exposed through a breastfeeding bra or is removed under or over the cup; the infant is then immediately placed face-to-breast for latching. Does that sound even remotely like a gesture sexual in nature (otherwise known as "flashing") or nudity? It is unfortunate that such a question must be answered as many women are too afraid to nurse in public, meaning too few people have ever seen breastfeeding or come to accept it as a human norm. Because of this, most breastfeeding women opt for something called a "nursing blanket", which is a safe, breathable (albeit, unnecessary) blanket that covers half of a woman's body and the entire body of the infant. Just because there are alternative ways to feed a child human milk does not mean that breastfeeding should be prohibited. 

This pledge is not promoting that all women should walk around with her breasts hanging out on display for the world to see like some bovine in a farmer's field. That is called "flashing", and it is sexual in nature and objectifies the human breast. That's not to say that the human breast isn't sexual or shouldn't be, it is simply not an exclusively sexual organ that many people have come to accept it to be, and its main function is to express milk for an infant to feed, not to serve a male as a procurement for his erection. 

Breastfeeding is now choice, but that doesn't mean that it's wrong or disgusting. It's not. Yes, women can use a breast pump at home and keep the milk in a container for use in a bottle, but is going to such lengths really all that necessary without the over-expression of milk or a viable health reason in mother and/or child? It's not just a woman's right, it is the right of all children around the world, and the right of all men who encourage their partner to breastfeed in public without having to defend her reputation.

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