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Aida Perez

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Make Animal Control Be A Priority 2014

In California the is a Spay/ Neuter Ordinance and there should be on in every State. Lets push for this Ordinance every where. We all know that is the only way to stop dog and cat overpopulation. It would help reduce the amount of strays, stop backyard breeding in cruel torturous conditions. It would make puppy mills totally against the law and reduce the amount of owner surrender animals. Please sign and share.

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Lori Ugolik

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Make Animal Control Be A Priority 2014

So many animals are euthanized due to overcrowding; people need to spay/neuter, and the animal controls need to photograph the adoptable pets, have volunteers, and open on a week end, so families can select a pet to adopt. I have 7 rescues, all "furevers" and participate in transport, fund raising and have fostered for no kill shelters. Animal controls should be willing to work with local no kills, congenially. So many animal controls treat perspective adoptive pet parents poorly, staffs are rude, and dogs/cats laying in pain with severe injuries. Many officers do the minimal, just to get the paycheck and do not seem to be interested in the animals welfare.

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