Make Animal Control a Priority 2014 Clearlake,ca 

 We should be taking more responsibility for animal welfare issues and ensuring that   guidelines, laws and punishments are put in place to stop the continued exploitation, cruel treatment and serious abuse of many animals . Animals are powerless, defenseless and voiceless and, therefore, need strong advocates on their behalf to bring about a crucial change in attitude. People should not be able to hide.

 WE, the undersigned citizens of Clearlake request that the Mayor and City Council of Clearlake 

and Clearlake Park make the control of dangerous and uncontrolled animals a priority by fully  funding the animal control services and by employing the proper number of animal control  officers for the population of the City by July 2014.    Loose and uncontrolled animals currently pose an unreasonable risks and danger to the  citizens and their pets, which is unacceptable. Additionally, we request that the Council direct  the officers to uphold the current laws regarding spay/neuter and issue fines to those who do  not spay/neuter their pets. Such fines could assist in the funding of the additional and  necessary services to solve the problem in Clearlake of dangerous and uncontrolled animal

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