Because he murder innocent victims and he need pay for his ungod act we can't keep let the people out of prison to murder someboby daughter etc !! It wrong . You can't change the child rapist or bruelty murderers way of think?

Erin Downing
Erin Downing Campaign leader

Erin Downing's Letter to the Editor.

SJC ruling strikes at my family's hearts, Newburyport, MA
January 23, 2014 Anonymous Newburyport Daily News The Daily News of Newburyport Thu Jan 23, 2014, 03:00 AM EST To the editor: Nineteen years have passed since Edward O’Brien entered my home on a warm July night and brutally murdered my mother, Janet Downing. I still remember my screams and uncontrollable tears that night. Thereafter, I…Read More