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Stop The Parole Of Edward O'brien

Erin was an employee of mine back in 1995 . I remember Erin getting phone calls at work that were upsetting to her . I remember on one occasion her mother asked her to come home . You see Janet had been telling her children that items were missing from her home, items she was certain she had placed in certain spots and things would just suddenly disappear. Of course we all misplace things but Janet really felt like she was loosing her mind . Her children just thought their mother was making too big of a deal out of the situation. Well who would ever think or come to the conclusion that a neighborhood boy , a friend of the family Edward O'Brian , son of law enforcement would be taking small tokens from the home all while knowing Janet fear . It wasn't more than a two weeks later , the unthinkable happened. Edward O'Brian stabbed Janet Downing to death . Not once not twice but Edward O'Brian stabbed Janet ninety eight times . I believe Edward was 16 or so at the time . I sincerely believe Edward should remain in jail and I do not believe someone that committed such a brutal murder should be let out of jail because of a technicality . Please help me , help Erin and STOP the parole of EDWARD O"BRIEN . Thanks Friends..xoxo

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