All people who support economic independence: Declare the Union and Republic of South Africa illegal and hold government puppet masters, past and present, responsible for any irregularities they imposed on the SA nation, including genocides past to present

The land of southern Africa was annexed illegally to form the Union of South Africa for the British Crown in 1910. Since then, governance of the land has been passed down by succession, but the Crown still holds control of the political and economic arena in South Africa. As crime has spiraled out of control, and the corruption in government is leaving most of the people in the country with nothing to live from, the time has come for the control of South Africa to be redressed.
ICA (Independence Commission Africa npo) is in discussion with and inviting various tribal leaders, political organizations and parties to pave the way forward for the economical independence of South Africa, and hereby invite you to observe, acknowledge and support our claim.

Past atrocities which have never been addressed includes genocides during the Anglo Hottentot, Anglo KhoiSan, Anglo Griqua, Anglo Xhosa, Anglo Boer, Anglo Ndebele, and Anglo Zulu wars; and theft of national assets such as gold, diamonds, platinum, coal, and various other valuable minerals. 

Present atrocities include feeding the nation poisonous food including the staple diet of mealie meel and bread; poisoning of underground water tables through fracking, and theft by leadership of state treasury to their own organization and private treasuries which includes the profit on state assets such as Eskom and Telkom. 
Mismanagement by the few elite who represent government includes taking international loans and squandering the money received, creates huge taxes on the people including the e-toll system, fuel levies and devaluation of the ZA rand currency. 

We hold that the only way to restore health, wealth, pride and peace to the people of southern Africa is to decentralize the system of governance in SA which channels wealth to a few select leaders and restore wealth, assets and land to the South African nation which was and still is stolen by the British Crown aka City of London aka Corporation of London members, which includes the Oppenheimer syndicate.  There is no other way for healing to take place without addressing the root and cause of the problems which have paralyzed the majority of the nation into poverty.

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