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Make Excedrin edit commercial to include medical statement

This includes rebound migraine pain, insomnia, ulcers, internal bleeding, liver damage, kidney dysfunction, and overdose

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    Chronic Migraine Awareness is an NPO spreading awareness about this debilitating disease and…Read More

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Migraine complications

Migraine Complications - Migraine Risks, Stroke, Rebound Headaches

Even if left untreated, migraine generally does not worsen or become more severe over time. However, migraine and some of its treatments can lead to more serious problems. Medication-Overuse Headache (Rebound Headache) If acute-treatment medications (including NSAIDS and those containing caffeine) are used too often, the body can become…Read More
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How pain relievers like Excedrin can cause rebound headaches...

Are You Suffering from 'Rebound Headaches'? - ABC News

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Explains how using pain relievers too often leads to rebound headaches.

What Is a Rebound Headache? - Headache and Migraine Center - Everyday Health
What Is a Rebound Headache? Using pain relievers too often for your headaches or migraines can actually cause a boomerang effect called a rebound headache. Find out what you can do to keep this from happening. Here's how it goes: You have a headache, so you take a pain reliever. A day or two later, your head hurts again, so you take another…Read More
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This article explains why rebound headaches occur, including overuse of medication such as over-the-counter medication.

Understanding Migraine Headaches

Elena Beyzarov
Just about everyone has headaches, but a migraine isn't just a bad headache. A migraine headache is a complex condition of the nervous system. It's often described as an intense pulsing or throbbing pain that usually occurs in one area of the head. Migraine attacks may cause severe, debilitating pain for hours to days, necessitating the need to…Read More
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