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Raise Awareness for Chronic Migraine

Migraines are "not all in our head". They effect our bodies, social lives, family life and careers.

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    Chronic Migraine Awareness is an NPO spreading awareness about this debilitating disease and…Read More

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Things you may not know- migraines don't just mean head pain.

7 surprising things you don't know about migraines

Fox News
June is Migraine Awareness Month, putting the spotlight on the pounding, nausea-producing headaches which afflict some 28 million Americans. While there’s an awful lot we do know about migraines, what you don’t know will surprise you: They’ve been linked to suicide risk Several studies have now linked migraines with an increased risk for…Read More
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FDA has approved a new magnetic device that will relieve the pain from migraines but no other symptoms. Is this a relevant treatment?

FDA approves magnetic device to relieve migraine pain

Fox News
People who suffer from debilitating migraines may soon be able to purchase a magnetic device that can help alleviate their pain, Nature World News reported. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (CTM) for people who suffer from migraines that are preceded by an aura –…Read More
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Do weather changes trigger migraines?

Why Everything from Frigid Temperatures to Lightning Can Induce Migraines

The Daily Beast
Right now it’s freezing temperatures triggering headaches, but migraine sufferers know all too well that the weather is never their friend, be it fluctuating humidity, high wind, or plunging barometric pressure. My head is pounding, so I check the weather. The temperature has dropped significantly over the past couple of hours and there’s an 80…Read More
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