Hunting for Heroes reaches out to critically injured law enforcement officers and their families, encouraging them as they face life following line of duty disabilities.

Law enforcement marriages face unique challenges under the best of circumstances. The risk of injury, or even death, is significant; yet few can be truly prepared for life following life altering injuries such as paralysis, traumatic brain injury, loss of limb and PTSD (to name a few). We recognize that when an officer is critically injured, they and their family often find themselves struggling to find their “new normal.” Unfortunately, many marriages do not survive this adjustment.

Our VOWS Retreat is designed to help couples navigate some of these unique struggles by bringing them together with others from across the country who are facing similar challenges. We provide a network of peers, mentors and members of the law enforcement community who desire to come along side of them.

This program provides a unique blend of marriage enrichment, spiritual renewal and physical activity to strengthen relationships and renew commitment to each other and to family.

Participants in our four day VOWS retreat are often facing financial hardship due to loss of career. We provide this getaway at no cost to them, so they can focus on building their relationship without added burden. Corporate and individual sponsors enable us to make this happen.

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