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Protect Animals From Cruelty In 2014!

I love animals so much and I believe they're a part of nature there a part of Life and they were put here to give love and be loved. I am against any animal being abused and be on being burned being abused in any way and there is so much abuse and it really needs to stop. They feel pain just as we do and really all they want is love and someone to take care of them as we do. They will give you unconditional love and all they want is love in return so let's stop the abuse.. It hurts my heart so bad and I cry when I see animals being abused and there tore apart because they've been shot or they've been burnt or they've been beat on or been left outside to starve no matter what their abuse was I hurt and I cry for them because I can't imagine what kind of A human it could take to do that to a helpless animal that didn't deserve it or can't fight back I could never do that to any type of an animal no matter what it is animals to me are as helpless as a child. My dog is not just a dog he is like my child and I can't imagine raising my hand to him or hurting him in any kind of away at all. So let's come together and reached this number so that we can help stop the abuse of all animals of all kinds is it needs to stop...

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