It breaks my heart to see the family going through this. They were promised years ago that he would never see the light of day. Due to a ruling from the state, they believe it’s wrong to have a person who was charged as an adult and convicted without the possibility of parole. This is one of many…Read More

I feel sorry for Richard bc of the fact he got rejected and that bc he got abused by the ppl that were supposed to protect him. I have been rejected before and believe it hurts but I never once thought about killing anyone it actually turned out to be for the best but that scrawny little bitch is a…Read More

I grew up with sean beth and dawn brodie. I miss my friendship with the family dearly. I am sincerely sorry for your loss. Every time I see…Read More

STOP THE PAROLE OF Richard c. Baldwin

this really matters because if someone can murder a child....why should they live? this is ridiculous and morbid, but hang him high! someone has to speak for this child!

It means alot to support this cause

can you help our cause also

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