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We Are Not Free Until Vanunu Is Free

Just as the Jews had been refused recognition as a community in Eastern Europe at the turn of the century, Arabs who consider themselves Palestinians are repressed and denied their universal human rights as a community and many denied basic human needs and treated inhumanely, living under apartheid control. This could only happen with the unconditional support of the Israeli military by our government while failing to define a just and permanent status for the Arab people who live in the occupied territories of Palestine or who are refugees who identify themselves with the Palestinian cause. To function effectively so as to serve our national interest at home and abroad our government must pressure Israel to end its violations without further delay. This reform in policy would give support for Israel that is analogous to a true friendship between individuals. For it would be in the best interest of Israel as well. We need leadership that insists that our government stand once more against repression and for human dignity. But it will never happen if our leaders don't hear a persevering cry for reform at the community level loud enough to equal that of the special interests in and out of government. The intimidation by special interests in collusion with the Israeli government have imposed this burden with its tragic costs to the Israeli people and caused great harm to American national interest for a quarter of a century will continue to jeopardize peace for the entire globe.Unless we persevere in the task of making our government hear our demands for a just resolution that satisfies the valid demands of Israelis and Palestinians, this conflict will continue to jeopardize peace for the entire world.

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