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Get People To Participate In No Kill Mondays

This matters very much to me because I rescued my dog when she was four years old and she is now twelve, healthy and happy. She would not have lived much longer if she would have stayed with her previous owner. She is the love of my life. She is always there for me and she loves me unconditionally. Rescue a cat or dog, give them a forever home and love them. They will return that love more than you could ever know.

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Get People To Participate In No Kill Mondays

Animals and all living species contribute to a sustainable life. When we encourage their demise, we are forcing our own destruction much more quickly. This is embedded across the board from spiritual to physical decay, given science's interconnected thread binding each one of us. Beyond these simple scientific facts, ethical decency demands that we honor all life and provide each living being across kingdoms the freedom and right to be, thrive and live on their own terms. If we lack understanding on a given species, this isn't a burden that belongs on their shoulders but, instead, our own. The depths and decay of this enormous problem can't be truly covered in a single email. Martin Luther King advocates, as have Sages in the past, that our soul's destruction is immense when we look the other way from modern day atrocities.

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