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Spread awareness and stop animal testing

Very popular top selling brands currently in your cupboard, bathroom, etc. hold a terrible fate for innocent animals.

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    Spreading awareness on the mistreatment of animals one step at a time. Here to make a difference.…Read More

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Torie Costa
Torie Costa Campaign leader

China is viewing a rule change that "non-specialised cosmetics" manufactured in China could be sold from June 2014 without the use of…Read More

China May Ease Animal Testing Rules

The Huffington Post
By Adam Jourdan and Clare Baldwin SHANGHAI/HONG KONG, Nov 13 (Reuters) - China is considering a rule change that would allow the sale of some cosmetics without requiring them to be tested on animals, opening up a potential route into the Chinese market for international firms opposed to the practice. Under the potential changes, "non-specialised…Read More
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