Why are these mugshot companies able to destroy lives of innocent people? Why is the government allowing them to store these mugshots of…Read More

Mugged by a Mug Shot Online

IN March last year, a college freshman named Maxwell Birnbaum was riding in a van filled with friends from Austin, Tex., to a spring-break rental house in Gulf Shores, Ala. As they neared their destination, the police pulled the van over, citing a faulty taillight. When an officer asked if he could search the vehicle, the driver — a fraternity…Read More

Just another horror story on how these mugshot companies rape people of their money and dignity. Nothing is sacred anymore, not even your…Read More

How People Profit from Your Online Mug Shot and Ruin Your Life Forever

This July, Yolina (not her real name) was giving a language lesson to one of her students over the phone when he said he had something to tell her. She hadn't always taught over such long distances before—she was in California, her student in the Midwest—but after being laid off from her 14-year job as a community college language instructor last…Read More

All these states suing mugshot companies!!! yay!!!

Class Action Against Mug Shot Websites

Top News: Today in The Skanner News Group Read the fantastic article voicing support for our cause. Written by Lisa Loving at the The Skanner News Group it is a in depth look at the mugshot racket. Our support reaches coast to coast now. continue to article. . . Welcome all new members:  Whether you are in Oregon, Florida or in…Read More

The internet has grown tremendously. Over the past decade we seen a variety of social networks, videos that can be uploaded in a flash, and even a wave of public shaming. Not only do people voice aggressive opinions and bully people on the internet with their words, mugshot websites have bullied…Read More

A mans mugshot appears in the many newspapers for not showing up to court because of a speeding ticket. A speeding ticket!!! How a minor…Read More


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