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Patrick Kelly

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Help Christians Organize, Register And Vote

The USA remains a Christian Nation contrary to what the Muslim in the Oval Office says. We were founded on Judeo-Christian Morals, Values and Principles. But, we will not remain as such if we as Christians don't begin to take a more active role in Politics. We all need to get out to Vote. We need to Vote Biblically. We will all be held to account for the way we live which includes the way we Vote.

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Drema Walker

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Help Christians Organize, Register And Vote

My fellow Christian family and friends it is important that we take an interest in what is happening in our country!!! Christianity is in jeopardy in this country. If we don't take a stand NOW, our future, as Christians could be in serious trouble!!! This will not only affect our future, but our children, grandchildren and future generations. It has become imperative that we speak out and do what we can to protect our freedom or religion. Therefore, it is important that every person in this country be registered to vote and to VOTE!!!!!! Our belief's and values are under attack. Our rights are being stripped from us one by one. If you don't care for your rights our the rights of your children then vote so my rights won't be taken away.... It is the most important thing you can do.

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Robin Ward

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Help Christians Organize, Register And Vote

If Christians don't stick together and register to vote and vote, we are loosing our battle field on Christ and all that God has done for us. We have lost so much already, in the schools, with young children, and a whole lot more and are going to stand loose even more. God is our center and we have to have him to move on. Don't let them take anymore of him away from us or families, especially the young. Christians stick together and vote. It's very important to save our Christianity

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