I've seen a lot of comments on my campaign, and on other websites from people who are misunderstanding the point of this, so once again i'm going to make things clear, and I truly hope that everyone will try their best to understand what this campaign is really about.

This is NOT to just show fan support of Jonghyun. It's a little bit about him, because I do applaud him for taking the step to publicly support something like lgbt rights, but that is not all that this is about. This is about spreading awareness of the cause that Jonghyun supports, and to show your own support of the rights of minorities.

Praising Jonghyun for standing up for minority rights, while ignoring what he actually wanted to achieve by standing up for them is doing nothing. I believe that Jonghyun wanted to bring to light things that are happening, and maybe he hoped that some of his fans would support what he supports.

I support it, and I hope you all will too.

-Skyler Noh

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