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Marisa McClinton
Marisa McClinton Campaign leader

time to end the negative publicity and tell the truth! The care our residents receive are excellent and we urge the state to come see it…Read More

Editorial: Wassaic closing will end big chapter

The Poughkeepsie Journal
At last, the state is making good on its long-held promise to shutter the colossal Wassaic campus that once served more than 5,000 people with developmental disabilities but now has fewer than 40. For decades, the state had suggested the facility would be closed, that patients would be placed in the �least restrictive environment� possible and…Read More

Letter number 2 for our consumers printed in the midhudsonnews.com website!!

MidHudsonNews.Com - Letters to the Editor

Taconic DDSO closing I am a current employee of NYS Taconic DDSO located in Wassaic, NY. As many may know, the state is closing this facility at the end of the month. Other employees and I have felt that it was essential to make the public aware of the unfairness and immoral behavior surrounding this closure. Taconic has received plenty of…Read More

The first of many rebuttals to the negativity the papers enjoy printing about us! keep writing!!!

Valley View: Despite previous missteps, Taconic Developmental Disabilities Services Office offers top-tier care

The Poughkeepsie Journal
I am an employee of New York state Taconic Developmental Disabilities Services Office (DDSO) and while I am aware of the extensive history this facility has, I would like to offer a rebuttal to the articles and editorials that were recently published in the Poughkeepsie Journal. I have heard the stories of past abuse and the mistreatment of the…Read More