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Demand South Africa Stop Electrocuting Wild Animals

Electric fencing in South Africa is electrocuting thousands of animals. Demand South Africa regulate electric fencing.

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    Animals are a lot more like us than some people like to admit.  They think, feel, love and can…Read More

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Stop Animal Cruelty
Stop Animal Cruelty Campaign leader

Read about how electric fencing is killing tens of thousands of animals in South Africa and other countries.

A Rising Threat to Wildlife: Electrocution

The New York Times
Even large animals are threatened. More than 100 endangered Asian elephants were killed by electrocution in the state of Odisha, India, over 12 years, mostly by contact with power lines. Giraffes, African elephants, leopards, Cape buffalo and white rhinos have all been electrocuted in various countries. Primates are especially frequent victims.…Read More