We want more funding for fishermen and scientists to gain more knowledge of fish and their ecosystems.  With the resources, it is only a matter of time before all fish are sustainably managed.   Fisheries management deserves more government support.  Since 2000, 34 populations have been rebuilt from overfishing. They are now sustainably fished. This leaves 26 fish stocks overfished of the 230 stocks managed. 

Rebuilt fish stocks include sea scallops in 2001, silver hake in 2002, winter flounder in 2003, blacktip shark in 2003, monkfish in 2008, bluefish in 2008, scup in 2009, haddock and pollock in 2010, summer flounder in 2011, the Acadian redfish in 2012, and black sea bass in 2013. This leaves 26 fish stocks overfished out of 230 commercially valuable managed stocks. 

Government management that began with the Pilgrims passing a law in 1638 to protect striped bass and cod needs your support today. Our coastal communities depend on us to strengthen collaborative endeavors that achieve responsible stewardship. 

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