Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is being suspended by A&E Network after making controversial comments about his faith.  In a recent interview Mr. Robertson was asked about his feelings on gay marriage and other controversial issues.  As a man of faith Robertson responded in an honest and frank manner heavily relying on his Christian beliefs.  

A&E Network decided that Mr. Robertson's views did not reflect the network and thus suspended him amid the controversy.  Mr. Robertson was simply stating his own personal belief and not necessarily the views of A&E and thus the decision of A&E to suspend him is unjust.

Mr. Robertson is being suspended not because of what he said but because the people in charge do not like what he said!

Suspending Mr. Robertson because you do not agree with crosses a line that may set a dangerous standard that companies can fire employers for disagreeing with their beliefs.  Mr. Robertson did not harm the company in anyway and certainly was not speaking on their behalf.  Simply disagreeing with does not give companies grounds to suspend someone.


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