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Ganja Goji
Ganja Goji Campaign leader

We appreciate your NON 4 PROFIT Donations small or large. If you are unable to Donate at this Time Please Sign and share this Petition

Click here to support Low Income Medical Marijuana Patients by Ganga Goji

Help someone who cannot afford the extreme COSTS associated receiving Medical Marijuana: "Special" Physician's fees $150.00. Health Department Card Processing Fees $113 to 150.00 (varies from State to State, the lower prices are discounted by about $20.00 if you can show a Food Stamp card). Grow - Dispensary Fees ( a Billion Dollar Business since…Read More
Rebel Cause
Rebel Cause Campaign leader

Looks like a booming Industry: Millions are being made and the Patient/Consumer is treated like a lower class citizen... The Staff teat…Read More

Colorado Medical Marijuana Sales Double to $329 Million

Colorado Cannabis Blog
Dec 21 2013 Colorado Medical Marijuana Sales Double to $329 Million Marijuana Business Daily has reported that medical marijuana sales in Colorado have risen 50% during the latest fiscal year, exceeding even the most optimistic projections. “Dispensaries reported record revenue of $329 million from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013,…Read More
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