On 6.40am in November 2011 Breeze escaped from his garden through a broken fence panel. The owner Michelle Russell had only lived at the address for a couple of weeks and hadn't yet had time to replace the panel. Whilst Breeze was out it is said that he walked behind two ladies and their dogs. One of these ladies was apparently scared and so went home while the other lady continued to walk her dog allowing the dog to walk behind her with Breeze. It is said that the next thing the lady knew is there was dogs fighting, she turned to see her dog, a Corgi and Breeze fighting. When this lady tried to separate the dogs she used excessive force using a number of weapons crutches being one of them she also kicked him, once he let go of the corgi it is alleged that Breeze was picked up and shaken then tied up. It is alleged that while the lady was trying to split this fight up she put her hand in Breeze's mouth and he scratched her yet there is no medical evidence to confirm this is actually the case or she could have sustained this scratch whilst she was picking her dog up off the ground.

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