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Karen Gregory-Clayton

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Stop Dog And Cat Meat Smugglers From Thailand Vietnam

We need to bring awareness to what is happening in other parts of our world. For one moment, imagine this happening to your family dog...........that ALONE should shock you and make you so angry that you'll do something to end this cruelty. Please, don't close your eyes to this and "wish it would go away", this IS reality for millions of hopeless animals. Let's take a stand and say "NO! this is NOT Okay!, and we will NOT allow it to continue!!!" Do this one thing for the innocent lives being terrorized, tortured, and slaughtered. Thank you, Karen.

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Sarah Russell

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Stop Dog And Cat Meat Smugglers From Thailand Vietnam

A sight that would horrify any animal lover or pet owner. Snatched from their homes, crammed into metal cages and force-fed for restaurant tables, these animals are the victims of Vietnam’s booming dog and cat-meat industry. Thousands of pets are stolen from gardens and front porches every year to feed the appetites of diners who treat dog/cat meat as a delicacy. I M A G I N E I F T H I S W A S Y O U R P E T D O G O R C A T One busy holding house processes around 2,000 live dogs/cats every day, with up to 200 squashed into each cage. Once they arrive in Hanoi, the dogs/cats are stored in deep pits before being slaughtered and sold on to restaurants to be cooked and eaten. Although there are rules for the humane slaughter of cattle, pigs and poultry in Vietnam, there are none for dogs/cats and one animal was shown suffering repeated blows to the head before it died. I AM URGING YOU TO PLEASE TAKE 30 SECONDS OUT OF YOUR DAY TO SIGN MY CAMPAIGN Please help put an end to this horror. Thank you for your support - Sarah Rose Russell

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