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Force Govt Into Independent Inquiry Into Benefit Sanctions

I don't believe that the discretion attached to the sanction rules is being applied sensibly. Every benefit rules has an element of discretion and this element should take into account local job market conditions, claimants voluntary activity and caring commitments. One reason that the system is failing claimants is that decisions on sanctions are being made by Adjudication 0fficers who are not present at the interview. The officer at the interview goes through a tick box style of questionnaire and explains to the claimant that any decision isn't being made by him or her.The delegation to another may on occasion save the person on the desk aggro but it doesn't make for fully informed decision making. The review process for sanctions has to be speeded up so a claimants right to ask for a review isn't seen as an additional sanction

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Teresa Balhou

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Force Govt Into Independent Inquiry Into Benefit Sanctions

because it is picking on the most vulnerable people with out giving them an alternative there is no jobs as foreigners have them all or there to low paid people cant survive on the pay or there is no smaller homes for people to move in to and are forced to pay bedroom tax it has to be fare if they offered money for people to move home to cover removal expenses or had a living wage so people could afford to work and the disabled should be left alone as benefits are there for them

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