Chatham-Kent police say a puppy was killed during a domestic dispute early this morning at an apartment building.

Officers allege a 25-year-old man threw the dog down the stairs during a fight with his common-law wife. They say the man tossed the puppy down a second time when the woman tried to intervene and help the dog.

Police say they're currently consulting with the Crown and the OSPCA on the the case.

Officers say the suspect currently faces charges of domestic assault and threatening and is scheduled to appear in court for a bail hearing today... Not a mention of the justice for this puppy we need this man charged with animal abuse and cruelty and banned from ever owning any pet for years to come ...please sign let our voices be heard . To many times animals are killed and harmed and never have justice done it time for us to let our voices be heard we will not stand for this any longer

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