I am not against soldiers who break the law and disgrace their regiment's honour being tried and, having been found guilty of an offence, being sentenced to an appropriate punishment. However, I believe that in this case not enough attention was taken of the extreme conditions in Afghanistan and…Read More

I have a problem with the Campaign. he is not a Taliban Soldier. Soldiers wear uniforms and are clearly identifiable. The man they shot was a terrorist and that is where the story should end. They hide in the shadows and murder people on a daily basis. Where is the fair fight. Said enough. I am…Read More

I would politely like to ask you all a question, particularly those condemning the actions of this long serving marine.

How many of you would have the courage to walk a mile in his shoes, or deal with the same situations he probably has to deal with, day after day.

Imagine, witnessing a…Read More

Annually numerous soldiers are accidentally killed during training maneuvers usually by comrades and the general public pays no mind whatsoever. In combat where one's life is endangered or the lives of those a soldier duty is to protect the slightest error lands that soldier before the law courts,…Read More

This man put the safety of the rest of his squad first because if they stopped to help the victim could of come under fire.He take it upon himself to do the humane thing and save the injured man out of his pain as god knows how long it would of been until someone found him.

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