I was blessed to travel to Tacloban, Philippines during the summer of 2011. Filipino's are the kindest, most hardworking and welcoming people I know.  My time in the Philippines has forever changed the course of my life and now it is my time to give back.

For 200$, we can adopt Mohon Elementary which is a rural school just outside of Tacloban City. It was completely devastated by the Typhoon.  For a mere $200, FH will be able to provide books, paper, pens and chalk for one year. The school has been destroyed but even more so, the people's lives who live in the area will forever be changed. Hurricane Yolanda took 31 children's lives that day, an unfathomable amount from a school originally no more than 140 children. Not only do they need monetary support to ensure a brighter future, moral support is much needed as well. Many of the Forest Hills Schools have made "thinking of you" cards to send to children. Filipino's need to know people care, people want to help them, and make a positive difference in their lives just as they have done to many Americans. 

Many different schools and organizations are helping in order to fulfill and hopefully exceed our $5,000 goal including FHE's Multicultural Club and FHN's National Honor Society. Goals from these clubs include buying new textbooks, buying  laptops so teachers can make worksheets, providing safe drinking water and healthy snacks, school supplies, helping rebuild the school, and the list goes on as the storm has completely devastated the area. If our goal is met or exceeded, another goal agreed upon is to adopt the Special Education Center in downtown Tacloban to also provide support and aid to these amazing students I was fortunate enough to spend time with.

There are many ways you can help as well. Whether it is making a "thinking of you" card to send over, a donation, or simply sharing this cause.com page! Please contact me if you would like to join the campaign!

Email: [email protected]

Here is a link to my travel blog during part of my time in the Philippines:


Here is a link to the program FH will be participating in through Volunteer for Visayans adopt a school Program 


The donated money will go to GoAbroad, a non-profit 503(1)C organization which will then give all donations directly Volunteer for Visayans to be distributed to our cause. This allows us to have all donations be tax deductible!

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