When we are brought into this world we are small and insignificant and totally dependant on parental care. we are taught to do things to sufficiency and caring for ourselves and others are good practices that we as humans should do and we are also carekeepers of the air, water, and land plus all…Read More

They are ruining the habitat for many speciss of animal... to make palm oil..
Don't people know how bad palm oil is for them... it hardens and blocks up all your arteries... Just put some in the cupboard for a month and you will see it start to harden. This process is sped up by the acids in…Read More

When rain-forrest is destroyed the oxygen level of our planet is affected. We need oxygen to live - it is what we breathe and it is what enables us to survive Rainforrests are the 'Lungs' of our beautiful planet. They also 'house' a plethora of plants ; lots of which have medicinal uses - some…Read More

we have so much abuse of our natural environment and I want a future for myself and all the children through out the world. I don't want to…Read More

Stop palm plantation expansion onto Indigenous lands

Human beings should take care of the earth. The tragic story of Easter Island shows what happens when we take everything - eventually there is nothing left to sustain people. But the earth does not care whether humans are there or not. We sow the seeds of our own destruction by destroying nature.

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