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Stop Palm Plantation Expansion Onto Indigenous Lands

People should consider reaching a concensus on an understanding that future generations are now dependent on the behavior of the present generation. Obviously, the economy is needed in many parts of the world, however, economic sustainability depends on the replenishment of the natrual resources that we depend on for our survival as a species. This is a principle that we should take home and share witrh our familiers, friends and relatives and elswhere as well. We are all in this together.

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Jackie Swank

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Stop Palm Plantation Expansion Onto Indigenous Lands

In the history of this world, the greedy have always taken what they want with no regard to the damage that was created by their greed. The wildlife and indigenous people do NOT deserve to have their lands destroyed from the greed of anyone! We have to fight for what is right! And, if anyone thinks that they aren't directly affected, maybe not now, but eventually this damage will hurt ALL of us. Even if it didn't, let's help those that are truly in need! We can't let their lands be destroyed! We can't let them suffer! Please, please, help!

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