Well 99% are lawers to start with and they are paid way too much and fuck their retirement,over.SSA

As a daughter and wife of veterans who supported our country with their service for a very long time my father served for 40 years and my husband for 3 years. They sacrificed a lot and were very proud to do that.

I look out an see my Flag as SHE Wavers in the Breeze an all of a sudden the Wind picks up an SHE Snaps as IF To SHOUT FREEDOM

Save The Rights & Benefits Of OUR Military And Veterans

I have served for 23 years in the armed forces. I was promised benefits in doing that for our country. Many retired persons do not have great pensions, so this is a helpful way to shop for them and save some money. We as citizens owes our vets to keep all stores open for them........ Thank you

ADD THIS to DELETING our "KILLED IN ACTION"(KIA)from our POW/KIA/MIA flags & representations by "duh" poliDICKal BASTARDS who know NOTHING about freedom or lifes actual taste!!! Send ALL them Bastards to ISIS & KILL 'em ALL, ....fuckin sheeple herders!!!!!!

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