Well 99% are lawers to start with and they are paid way too much and fuck their retirement,over.SSA

My children's father fought in Vietnam, was lost in the jungle for two weeks and was shot. He was there during Agent Orange, his lung collapsed twice after coming home. When he came home he was a different man ,totally different, an alcoholic. He was not the man I married. He went when called, at…Read More

In the past 8 years (includes GWB's last year in office), our budget deficit has doubled! Yet, the military and VA services have had cut backs and the Obamacare taxes and costs continue to grow. The WH touts job creation but the government doesn't create jobs, the private sector does and onerous…Read More

I am tired of our Military Men and Women who fight to keep us safe and they called to duty to keep an other country safe not ours. Our government continues to get into wars that are not our business with no regard to our Military Soldiers who will get hurt or worse. Yes our Soldiers enlisted…Read More

There are those in this country, especially the far Right, who have decided that our hard fought Freedoms are up for sale and in essence…Read More

Save The Rights & Benefits Of OUR Military And Veterans
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