Well 99% are lawers to start with and they are paid way too much and fuck their retirement,over.SSA

I believe in what principles and beliefs it was founded on, and if there had not been an America as it was and should be today, I would seek out to find it a move there. People that come from other countries and do not believe in these principles and beliefs should not be aloud to migrate to My…Read More

I had eight brothers, and seven of them serviced in the Army & Navy, and I would want the military today to receive all the
benefits available to them, since they weren't available to the
service members at that time. Today's men & women in the armed forces make me sleep in peace, and…Read More

This isn't about helping our soldiers, it's ignorant sheeple propagating biased angry beliefs because they're unhappy with the government. I am so tired of seeing this inane garbage masquerading as support for soldiers or patriotism...."is Obama a Muslim" ...seriously? These types see a few…Read More

Why veterans and military should get more money and benefits then congressmen government. The reason why because where ever they have to go…Read More

Save The Rights & Benefits Of OUR Military And Veterans
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