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Write Media to REPORT before Vanunu's mid December APPEAL

The Media must report on Vanunu's struggle for his RIGHT to leave Israel and Israel's Nuclear Deceptions

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Mark Regev, ABC in Australia and #FreeVanunu · Causes

"Dancing with Israel's elephant" by ABC's Marius Benson  is an interview with Mark Regev , who is Prime Minister Netanyahu's Spokesperson.   The two dance all around Israel's Nukes as the ignore proof positive of  Israel's Nuclear Dimona as exposed by Vanunu's 1985 photos from Top secret locations that he was only able to access because a…Read More

The restrictions that have subjected Vanunu to 24/7 surveillance [his movements, phone calls and emails] for the last nearly 10 years come…Read More

We Are Wide - Eye Witness Reporting on Israel Palestine

May 9, 2011: FAX to President Obama RE: Netanyahu and Peres Vis-a-Vis Vanunu Mordechai FAXED to White House 202-456-2461 @ 8:51 AM May 9, 2011   Dear President Obama,   Thus far I have received snail mail acknowledgments from VP Biden, the Knesset Archives, President Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahu [see attached] regarding the…Read More
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