Any peace talks that don't include women aren't representing those most affected by wars - women and their children. It is vital to the peaceful solution to the horrific war in Syria to include women in all discussions!

I knew of to many friends and others who have passed away from cancer. It is not a pretty site. One day they are laughing the next day they are in so much pain you just want to reach out to them and take the pain away. Women know much more about cancer than do most men, although there are great…Read More

It is high time that the women discrimination end believing that the Woman is the mother the teacher and more and she needs to have her place in the society.

ANY campaign that further empowers women is important. While remembering that women have done many great things -- and plenty of the menial work in support of men -- it is fair to say that throughout Western history, male domination has seen the talents and insights of women tossed aside more often…Read More

In Syria, women feed the children as the men shoot guns. Women are in danger of rape and abuse, living in horrid conditions in refugee camps. They have a role that provides important insight into what is at stake in continued fighting. They must have a voice.