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With the public comment period on the proposed delisting coming to an end yesterday, we delivered the comments--and the message that…Read More

Howls of protest light up Interior | Endangered Species Coalition

Mitch Merry
Tuesday, December 17th was the end of the public comment period around the proposed delisting of the gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act and the Endangered Species Coalition delivered our message with aplomb. Along with our member group, the Center for Biological Diversity, we assembled at the park opposite the Department of Interior for…Read More

In states where gray wolves are already delisted, unimaginable means of hunting and trapping are taking place. Wisconsin is even allowing…Read More

The Political Environment: Wisconsin Sport Hunters Can Throw Their Dogs To The Wolves Monday

No US state in modern times has allowed wolf hunters to loose their hounds into the chase because some dogs will get torn to pieces. But unless an appellate court rules in the next few hours against it, hunters in Wisconsin will be permitted beginning Monday to set their dogs free to find roughly three dozen wolves the DNR says can still be…Read More