There is a situation brewing in Jamaica where state-owned China Harbour Engineering Company wants to build a massive shipping port. The Government already set aside the Portland Bight Protected Area, the Goat Islands area and surrounding waters for the endangered species. The Jamaican government did an about face and now the area is being considered for development of this huge port.

Hellshire Hills in the PBPA, Jamaica is the last remaining home of the critically endangered Jamaican Iguana. The understanding with the Jamaican Iguana Recovery Program is to clear all non-native invasive species from the Goat Islands and return the Jamaican Iguana to the islands as their sanctuary. That agreement/understanding with the government is now at risk as is the iguanas' fate.  The Jamaican Iguana can only be found in the dry limestone forests of Jamaica. (Hellshire Hills & Goat Islands are the dry limestone forested areas), and nowhere else in the world.

The PBPA waters are home to fish sanctuaries as well as endangered marine life such as sea turtles, corals, & manetee. The mangroves act as nurseries, filters and are a source of nutrient as well as protecting the shore lines from erosion & storm surge. The plants & tress are also habitat for various types of species of birds and other living creatures. 

I'm asking for your support to help save this species along with the 58 other critically endangered and 77 endangered species of plant and animal in the region. 20 of these species are in the PBPA!

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