They arrive broken in body and spirit. Through the generosity of many, we are able to heal their bodies and restore their spirits.

Many of the animals the Ohio SPCA rescues and rehabilitate are animals that would not be given a chance in most animal shelters. Old age or treatable illnesses or injuries are not death sentences with the Ohio SPCA. All life is precious. 

Our vet bills run into the thousands every month. From the sick or injured kitten in the middle of the night to the starving horse abandoned in a pasture, we cannot help them without the support of many.  

The no-kill, volunteer-staffed Ohio SPCA relies on supporters and small grants to make it every month. With over 150 animals on our rehabilitation farm and in foster homes, top-notch care is costly. 

While our advocacy for animals costs little and our attorney who works with us to stop the gassing of animals at county shelters in Ohio works pro bono, the vet care and feed we provide are not free.

Here is your chance to help the Ohio SPCA rescue and care for abused animals. And....your donation is tax-deductible. 

Donations may also be made thru our website: or directly thru Paypal: [email protected]

Snail mail to: Ohio SPCA P.O. Box 546 Grove City, Ohio 43123

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The Ohio SPCA is not affiliated with the ASPCA in NYC and we receive no government funding.

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