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Brenda Forster

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Find Justice For Kimberly Ann Nees.

Hey everyone - Will you take a quick second and help me, help a friend. My friend, Glena's cousin Kim was murdered in 1979 and there was a bloody palm print left at the scene along with other physical evidence. This petition is asking the State of Montana to simply run the palm print and do the DNA testing. The truth is in the evidence. Instead they convicted an innocent man. If you haven't been following this story here is a short video that might shed some light. Thank you SO much!

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Angela France Austin

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Find Justice For Kimberly Ann Nees.

You all know how passionate I am about this case. I fully believe in Barry's innocence, and am really dedicated in helping to bringing aware to this case. I've gotten close with Glena Nees Lockman, and it's so important for her, and all of Kim's family, that her true killers be brought to justice. To pay for the life they took. She was a young woman full of promise, and it's undeniably unfair that another person has paid for that with 30 years of his life. All that this petition is asking for is for the evidence that does still exist be tested. This could be your daughter, sister, friend whose life was taken too soon. Also, it could be your son, brother, or friend who has spent 30 years in prison - wrongfully. Please, please, sign this petition. It only takes a moment to sign, and the truth could literally change many lives.

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Lynn Lynn

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Find Justice For Kimberly Ann Nees.

Ever hear of forced confessions ?This man was wrongfully convicted of killing his friend years ago even dateline NBC knows of his innocence !!!!~ He was railroaded!!! They have no Proof or evidence yet plenty of witnesses who saw and heard the real killers!!!! INJUSTICE !!! Putting the wrong people in jail...being godlike and playing with peoples lives ...letting them rot in prison. ENOUGH !!! The sheriff and the DA have all the facts and sit on them all these years....The judge lets him out after all those years for a crime even the judge knew he did not commit...2 yrs free being a solid man.....getting a great job house have that taken away again and being thrown right back in prison....knowing that he's innocent ....because that county and DA's office cannot admit they messed up.....Yet no big deal to them right ?..this needs to end !!!!! Its not right leaving innocent people in prison when they have the evidence and witnesses please help and sign this petition... Do it because this is INJUSTICE..............

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