too many animals are being abused ... people gt them for free or very cheaply and either discard them when they are tired of them...and then there are the animal abusers...
People need to understand getting a pet is for life.

I rescued a beautiful black andwhite cat that got bitten by a possum…Read More

To many people get the pets and don't take care of them if they are FREE or use them for Dogfighting operations and that is cruel and sick!

La liste de Craig ... VOUS facilitez la cruauté, les mauvais traitements et le pavage de la route aux criminels durcir en ne contrôlant pas votre lieu. En cette ère de technologie, vous pouvez automatiser un processus au moins. Le coût est inestimable car elle contribuera à une communauté saine,…Read More

People involved in dod fighting often answer craigslist adds giving away free pets to use as bait to teach their dogs how to fight or how to kill. This is so cruel do both the animal that thought it was getting a new home and to the person giving their pet away. In my opinion its also cruel to the…Read More

FLAG THE PROHIBITED ANIMAL SALES AND SERVICES, it takes more than one flag, so PLEASE, bes faithful to it. Stop the cycle of abuse. You can rescue until you are blue in the face, but you can…Read More

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