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Stacy Kessinger Irby

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Demand That The Ioc Stop The Sochi 2014 Wild Orca Display

The Orca is my favorite animal. Orcas are so misunderstood, not so much by their own behavior, but by the human being's ignorance. Orcas are the largest of the dolphin species, which are mammals, not fish. They live out their lives together in families (called pods) just as we do. They love unconditionally and are only native to their own "tongue", so to speak. Each pod has its own language which includes clicks, beeps and sonar. Who even knows how many more forms of communication they have? It's astounding! If you take an orca from it's family and throw it into a tank with another one, they do NOT understand one another. Much like taking an Asian child and throwing it into a German family, then French, American, and so on. These animals have a closer family bond than most human beings and when we take them from the ocean it is just like a kidnapping!!! Make no mistake that pod feels the pain of that loss for their entire life. As for the captive whale, well that's even worse. Too gruesome to even get started, and I don't want to have that angry cry that gives me a headache for days, but I'm still pissed!! Leave them be!! For anyone who was kind enough, sympathetic, or even empathetic enough to have read this, I encourage you to not only keep up this fight, but to PLEASE WATCH BLACKFISH!!! Blackfish is a documentary about the life of Tilly, an orca captured in the 70's when he was only three years old. They actually have the footage of the capture in this documentary! It's awful but necessary to watch. Not only is it the right thing to leave orcas in the oceans where they belong to keep their lives tragedy-free, but more than likely human lives as well. There is not one report of a human death IN THE WILD by an orca/killer whale ever recorded in hisory. Ever. Much different when it comes to tanks and aquariums in captivity. Like many animals held captive out of their natural environment, eventually one or two are going to snap. They are trying to tell us something!! Again, please watch Blackfish. It is available on Netflix. I was so glad to see that they put it on so many more could watch and be educated. I have it on my DVR and watch it often. If you don't beleive what I've just written here, you will after Blackfish. It may be too late for Tillikum, but we have to stop this NOW!!! No more Sea World!!! I hate them, and I would never allow anyone I know to go there and spend money in the place that covered up the deaths of at least two human beings! Shame on you, Sea World!!! And shame on Sochi!! You'll just never learn, idiots...

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Katherine McFadden

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Demand That The Ioc Stop The Sochi 2014 Wild Orca Display

"If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals." ― Albert Einstein If you haven't seen the new documentary 'Blackfish' then I highly recommend you view the film so you can better understand this campaign. It's time for humanity to simply be a part of life, and stop trying to own it. Please sign & share this campaign. Be the voice for the voiceless. Be the change.

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Ashley Bess-Bishop

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Demand That The Ioc Stop The Sochi 2014 Wild Orca Display

It matters to me because, at the end of the day we are all living and breathing creatures on this Earth. At no time, should we be taking loved ones away from their familes. Animals are more intellegent than we actually believe. I look at it this way, How would you feel if someone came into your home and took your child and placed them into a cage for everyone whose willing to pay, to come poke at them, laugh at them, take photos and never allow them to sleep, all for their own entertainment!? I think you would stop it from happening. So I'm asking you to please just sign this and show the world that we don't need to take any animals away from their homes and families. We can all share this planet.

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