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sharlene dubois

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Have Andrea Noel Sentenced To The Maximum Allowed.

This campaign is very important to me simply because I want to be a better human being. I love all animals and I truly believe that we need to be kind, caring and protective of all creatures. Our government needs to change the laws with regards to breeders. There are some very reputable and excellent breeders who love their animals but they are unfortunately lost in the mess that selfish, money hungry, stupid and uneducated so called breeders have made!! I really hope that all the correct information with regards to this case comes to light soon. This case is very important to many people and no matter what really happened we need the government to pay attention. Mabey with enough support we can send a clear and loud message to the government, to the courts! Animals that we choose to bring into our home show us an unconditional love and trust, they love us no matter what, they make us smile and laugh even when we start off not wanting to, and they comfort us when no one else can.

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Sandra Baker

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Have Andrea Noel Sentenced To The Maximum Allowed.

For myself to be intrusted with the care and love of these wonderful dogs has had one of the most special impacts in my life. I receive so much more than what I can ever give. I know that in our society a "dog breeder" is not always a commendable profession. But to a good breeder there is no limit to their commitment in the care and love of their little ones. This atrocity has broken my heart. We as breeders must not let this go unpunished. Please stand with us and sign this petition and see that the maximum punishment is given to this person. We can except nothing less!

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Jennifer Gale

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Have Andrea Noel Sentenced To The Maximum Allowed.

To starve innocent, helpless animals goes beyond cruelty and is akin to murder. By not doing something, it indicates that what she did was acceptable. We must change this NOW. Let's ensure that this person and others like her are sentenced to the max. Otherwise they will do it again. Please - for those 4 innocent dogs, and all the other abused animals.

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