I love Animals they need respect they are not objects they are living beings

Animals are Gods creatures too, and they give unconditional love!

my dog York is my life..and the other animals are my love..someone says..
..Be the change you want to see in the world..Mahatma Gandhi..
and that's all..

I am an animal person and dogs are my favorite.... When I was a little girl I had a dog as a pet.... After few wonderful years of companionship I lost him due to poisoning by thieves.... I still miss him after all these Years ....and I still try to help out dogs who need help.

It matters because cruelty to animals must STOP our children won't even see a bear or a lion or rhino's or any other animal that roams this earth, it will only be seen in pictures and why. The cruelty must stop. Save the animal's for our children to see. I love elephant's STOP killing them..

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