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Altamirano Ivenniz

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Give Cold Dogs Some Comfort This Holiday Season

As an animal lover, i wish i could of help each one of them, but as everyone knows, it need more then one to make it happen. Please consider to pledge for the unfortunate ones, the ones who needs a hand to pet, a bowl with food to eat, water to help them throughout the thirsty days, a house to be safe in the outdoors. Anyone can make the difference, don't be indifferent to their pain, we're the only ones who can help them.

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Lia Tomasino-Wollburg

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Give Cold Dogs Some Comfort This Holiday Season

It's not just the dogs that are cold but all animals everywhere to have the experience of some love and warmth from a person instead of cruelty all the time. I am sick of people chaining their animals up and forgetting that they can go over the gate or fence but can't come back over and because they can't touch the ground they die choking. If they are chained up they also need shelter and fresh clean water. There are too many things that people do wrong some not meaning too and this includes me also but if you use your common sense, you will realise that there is always a better way of doing things. Think first before you act...

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